How to Make a Towel Turtle

Difficulty: Hard


  • 1 hand towel
  • 1 washcloth
  • 1 bath towel

Start with the bath towel to complete the Turtle shell.

Roll the left side in to the middle.

Now roll the right side to the middle.


…should look like this

Flip the towel so the rounded side is resting on the surface.

Once you have flipped the towel over, fold it over as shown in the picture.

Now fold the other end over the fold you just finished.

Press down firmly

Slide your hand under the towel, grab the roll and begin to unroll around the middle of the towel as shown in the pictures below

Keeping your hand firmly pressed in the center of the towel continue to unroll the other side of the towel.

Now flip it over and it should look like this

Now we’ll make the legs using the hand towel

Roll the left side to the middle.

Roll the left side to the middle.

…should look like this.

Now fold the towel in half, keeping the rounded sides facing out as shown in the pictures below.

Look inside of each circle en, locate the four corners and expose them slightly.

Once you have exposed all the corners, grab all four at the same time and pull apart at the same time.

…should look like this.

Lay flat on the surface and place shell on top.

Finally the head, for this we’ll use the washcloth

Fold corner to corner making a triangle.

Roll sides to the middle as shown in the pictures below

Now fold the pointed end about half way towards the open end.

Now you flip the washcloth over

Tuck the two ends into the bottom of the head as shown in the pictures below

Now place the head on the turtle and that’s it