How to Make a Towel Turkey

Difficulty: Medium


  • 1 hand towel
  • 1 bath towel

Place your index finger in the middle of the towel and roll the right side diagonally to the middle.

Switch hands and roll the left side in to the middle.

…should look like this

Flip the towel over

Grab the two sides and fold over as shown in the pictures below

Now roll toward the point, leaving about 10-12 inches as shown in the pictures below.

Now roll the pointed end up…

Roll the tip around your thumb as shown in the picture below.

…should look like this

Now for the hand towel that makes the tail feathers.

Fold the towel in half

Now complete the series of folds as shown in the pictures below.

…should look like this

Now just let go of one side while continuing to pinch the other, should look like this.

Finally, place the hand towel behind the head of the Towel Turkey

Congrats! Now you can impress your family when they come over for the holidays, For Free!